Business accelerator enterprise

The BAE group positions itself as a pioneer in digital solutions for traffic acquisition, audience monetization, and competitive monitoring.
As a specialist in digital marketing, Business Accelerator Enterprise offers you a complete range of expertise and cross-channel integration that gives rise to unique and convergent offers resulting from the merger of various group professions to meet the real needs of advertisers. 

BAE is founded by five strategic poles :

AdQuality, digital marketing department

Créa54, creative agency

Koobiak, marketplace agency

Academiste, training organization

Our expertise


Developing your digital strategy, SEO, lead generation, online sales, Drive-To-Store strategy.

Social Ads

 Brand strategy, social media engagement, traffic generation, performance.


SEO audit, content writing, crawl analysis, link building, netlinking, e-reputation.


Developing your e-retail strategy, catalog integration, e-merchandising, advertising campaigns, international sales development.


Assistance in integrating your web analytics tools, from tracking plan to configuring your decision-making reports.


Digital training courses certified Qualiopi and eligible for CPF.

Creation of visuals

Creation of visuals, websites and videos focus performance to allow your brand to have a strong visual identity.


Real-time advertising space purchase, qualified traffic generation, brand exposure, omnichannel strategy.

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